Welcome to Crimson Spheres, a website featuring videos of the game Final Fantasy X-2 relevant in one way or the other to the Crimson Squad members.

To avoid any technical difficulties, please take a moment to read this page carefully before you start downloading the videos. For further information, you can contact me.

Remember to right-click-save videos
This allows you to watch them repeatedly without using this website's bandwidth (which is limited) everytime you watch.

Don't link directly to the videos.
For the same reason as above. That's called hotlinking and that's considered bad netiquette, because if takes bandwidth control away from the webmaster. If you want to share the videos, link to the home page at http://nightfall.fourhobbits.net.

The videos are encoded XviD video and mp3 audio.
That means you must have XviD installed to watch the video (you also need an mp3 codec to hear the audio, but you probably already have that). If you ONLY GET AUDIO, it's because XviD is not installed. You can download an installer (available for both Windows and Mac) from XviD movies.

Some of the videos have lines going through them.
They are that way in the game; they're old recordings (called "spheres") the player has to collect.

Some of the dialogue is not in sync with the image.
That's badly-dubbed japanese games for you.

The videos are 320x240 in size, have English audio and no subtitles.
It was recorded that way. I cannot change this format. The only exception is when a character speaks Al Bhed (you can't turn off the Al Bhed subtitles).

You may not host these videos elsewhere.
There are hours of work behind capturing these videos, and I'd like them to stay on this website. However, feel free to link to this website (remember to link to the home page and not directly to the videos).

You may use part of these videos to make a fanvid.
Credits would be nice but is not necessary. I make fanvids myself (pimp: my fanvids website) and that's the reason I originally recorded this footage.

You can use screen caps of these videos for icons, layouts, etc.
I will not make the screen captures for you, but if you can make your own screen caps, you're free to use them in whichever way you want. Again, credit is appreciated but not necessary.

This is not GameFAQs.
Don't email me asking how to get Gippal's sphere or other gameplay-related questions. Go to GameFAQs and check their walkthroughs.

This is not a replacement for Final Fantasy X-2. Buy the game.
This website is aimed at three types of people: (1) fans who already own the game and want to watch a specific scene of FFX-2 without playing the game all over again; (2) fans who are looking for non-FMV fanvid footage, which is next to impossible to get without a capture card and (3) curious people who want to discover FFX-2 and who will buy the game if they like what they see.

Requesting content.
When I play the game, I record a lot more than what's posted on this website (my web space is limited). If you would like to have non-FMV content from FFX-2 that is not about the Crimson Squad, you can always contact me. I can't promise anything, but if I have it, I'll send it to you.

Same website, different content.
I am working on capturing more footage from FFX and FFX-2. For more information, visit the FFX / FFX-2 game footage community on LiveJournal. Updates, links and new video files will be posted there (it's not necessary to be have a LiveJournal account to view the content).

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