Chapter 5

[Den of Woe clips coming as soon as I level up enough to survive the battles with the Squad guys... However, if you want clips of Nooj killing Yuna, Rikku and Paine, I have that. Several times.]

A Gift for Paine — 2.7 Mb — 1:39
Gippal, on behalf on Nooj, gives Paines a sphere (the sphere in question is "Winno Memories", and is available on the Extras page).

Your Plan Sucks — 17.4 Mb — 8:58
Nooj explains his plan to dispose of Shuyin and Vegnagun. Yuna disagrees with him.

It Keeps on Ticking — 1.2 Mb — 0:30
Yuna, Rikku and Paine help Nooj, Gippal and Leblanc dispose of Vegnagun's body.

Plan B — 4.0 Mb — 2:05
Shuyin activates Vegnagun and Yuna, Rikku and Paine must disable it before it fires.

Shuyin and Lenne — 4.5 Mb — 2:27
Yuna passes herself off as Lenne in order to get Shuyin to leave Baralai's body.

Mission Accomplished — 1.0 Mb — 0:29
After Shuyin and Lenne have gone, the party prepares to leave the Farplane.

Once, My Friends and I Dreamed of Flying... — 12.0 Mb — 4:22
Nooj, Baralai and Gippal give a speech in the Luca Stadium, apologizing to the people of Spira for the strife their rivality has caused.

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