Extras — Treasure Spheres

Note: the descriptions are the ones from the game, except for those in italics, which are mine (because the game gave none).

Crimson Record 1 — 4.3 Mb — 1:27
Shows Nooj, Baralai and Gippal engaged in training exercises. It looks like this is from when they first met.

Crimson Record 2 — 2.0 Mb — 1:17
Shows Nooj during training, just as he is cornered by a fiend. It is then that Nooj does what only a "Deathseeker" would think to do...

Crimson Record 3 — 2.6 Mb — 0:57
Appears to have been recorded not long before Operation Mi'ihen. Nook, Gippal and Baralai are having a conversation aboard an unknown ship.

Crimson Record 4 — 2.5 Mb — 1:36
Captures Maester Kinoc as he orders Crimson Squad candidates to storm a cave. Inside, the candidates fall one by one, slain by their own comrades.

Crimson Record 5 — 4.4 Mb — 3:13
The date and details of this recording are unknown. (Nooj, Gippal and Baralai hold each other at gunpoint inside the Den of Woe.)

Crimson Record 6 — 4.3 Mb — 1:59
The date and details of this recording are unknown. (Nooj, Gippal and Baralai manage to escape the Den of Woe.)

Crimson Record 7 — 0.3 Mb — 0:17
Appears to have been recorded in the immediate aftermath of the ill-fated Operation Mi'ihen. Visual cues in the sphere provide strong evidence to support this.

Crimson Record 8 — 5.1 Mb — 1:29
Documents Nooj, Baralai and Gippal's parting. No sooner have the three sworn to seek out the truth and meet again than Nooj shoots Baralai and Gippal in the back.

Crimson Report 1 — 0.8 Mb — 0:35
The date and details of this recording are unknown. (The aftermath of the Crimson Squad exercise in the Den of Woe).

Crimson Report 2 — 1.1 Mb — 0:48
Recorded in the same cave shown in earlier Crimson Spheres. Bodies litter the ground. A mysterious figure orders the death of the four who survived the incident.

Winno Memories (Paine's Sphere) — 2.8 Mb — 1:05
Found inside Paine's sphere camera. It was recorded two years ago and appears to chronologically fall just after the events of "Crimson Record 3".

Deathseeker (Nooj's Sphere) — 2.5 Mb — 1:11
Catches Nooj in a more personal moment. Though a "Deathseeker" no more, he senses something within that still yearns to die.

Jackasses (Gippal's Sphere) — 4.8 Mb — 1:13
Chronicles Gippal's conversation with a certain man while hiding out in the desert. That exchange galvanizes Gippal to join the fight against the temples.

Yevon's Secret (Baralai's Sphere) — 6.0 Mb — 1:39
Captures Baralai as he uses the power struggle between the maesters to worm his way into Yevon's confidence and gain accesss to their darkest secrets.

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